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Pool Cleaning


Weekly Full Service and Weekly Chemical Only Service

Filter Cleaning

FIlter cleanings are vital to the life of your pool. If you have a Cartridge filter or a DE filter it is recommended to clean them fully every 6 months. During a filter cleaning we remove the filter elements of all debris that has been collected. Also Check for any damage that might cause and issue with filtration and alert the customer to any repairs needed.

Salt Cell Cleaning

Salt cell cleanings are regular maintenance for your salt water system. When calcium builds up on the metal plates inside your cell it will need to be manually removed. We remove the cell from the equipment and soak it in a mixture of muriatic acid and water until all calcium build up is gone. Doing this will help keep your salt cell producing chlorine efficiently.

Drain and Cleans

Drain and cleans are for pools with staining or too far gone to treat with chemicals and vacuuming alone. During this process the pool is drained completely and the walls treated with an acid water mixture and the pressure washed. After a chlorine bath is performed on the walls to eliminate any remaining algae on the walls.This service will also have a fIlter cleaning and chemical rebalance after pool is filled back up.

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