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Pool Repair


Pool Equipment Repair

Equipment repair and maintenance is a constant for pool equipment. Whether it is a warranty claim or normal repair. We will come out and diagnose any issues with your pool equipment and give you a quote for needed repairs. Once approved, our team will get all parts needed and return to make final repairs.

Leak Detection

If you feel there is a possibility of a leak in your pool and you do not want to pay the hefty cost of a full leak detection we have another option to confirm there is a leak before that. With the Leakilizer tool we can find out if your pool is losing water in 30 minutes. We can provide a read out showing how many gallons an hour and iff it is more than evaporation which would constitute a leak in the pool. If a leak is present the cost would be roled into the cost of a full leak detection.

Mastic Repairs

Mastic is the joint that is separating your pool shell from the deck or house. Keeping this joint sealed will help prevent washout under your deck and freeze damage in the winter. We specialize in repairs and laying mastic in new construction. We recommend having the mastic redone approximately every 2-3 years.


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